Handling Expert Identifications in Symbiota via Filtered Push


Compiled by Nico M. Franz, Arizona State University ( Thanks to the FP/Symbiota team - Paul Morris, Maureen Kelly, David Lowery, Ed Gilbert, ...


In development! - A primer for the SCAN community to move towards Filtered Push-facilitated, remote expert identifications of SCAN specimens.

Step 1 - Sign into SCAN, access My Profile.

Step 2 - Navigate to the IDs Needed tab.

Step 3 - Browse the list of pertinent records (tailored to your existing settings - person, taxon, geographic region), and select a specimen to be identified by clicking on the taxonomic name.

Step 4 - The record with the insufficient ID will appear. Click on the Determination History tab to enter and submit a more precise identification.

Step 5 - Enter the Scientific Name (linked to the Thesaurus), Determiner, Date, and other information as desired. When confirming via Add New Determination, select also "Submit determination to Filtered Push network" for external exposure of this new annotation.

Step 6 - The Occurrence Data interface now shows the new determination, properly accredited to the expert, and also confirms that the annotation has been submitted to the Filtered Push network.

Step 7 - The new identification is recorded internally (within the Symbiota server environment) under Annotations.

Step 8 - In addition, the new identification is recorded externally in the Filtered Push server environment, where it can be viewed (summary view, or detail view by selecting the "i" icon; => red arrow), "pushed" into other environments (such as MorphBank) where the record ASUHIC0008915 may appear, and receive additional comments.

Here is the detail view of the annotation in the external Filtered Push environment. It is presently located at

All for now...