Any arthropod collection can be come a memeber of SCAN by following a few simple steps..

1. Contact Neil Cobb to let us know you are interested.

2. Download and complete a simple survey so we can create a place to house your data.  Return survey to Neil Cobb .

3. Include a good copy of your institution's logo (if available) with your completed survey, so we can include it on your collection pages.

4. Once we have created a blank collection for you, we can help you either bulk upload pre-existing collection records or help you get started entering data directly into SCAN!


Once you are a part of SCAN feel free to sign up on the ListServe and learn about meetings, contacts, updates and more.


Purpose: The Working Group devoted to making Symbiota sustainable and continuing to make it useful to more people.

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To add yourself to the list, email with the following command in the email:

subscribe IDIGBIO-SYMBIOTA-WG-L first_name last_name

e.g., subscribe IDIGBIO-SYMBIOTA-WG-L Jane Doe